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Want to share your story in a more personal way? Take the opportunity to upload a video! You can do so directly on your Instagram or YouTube channel. Be sure to tag us or email the link to Alternatively, you can upload the video to any cloud storage and send us the access link.

Rules for video content:

Respect and decency: minimize the use of profanity in your video
and avoid any xenophobic, racist, or otherwise discriminatory themes.

Authenticity: Try to be honest and open, sharing your experiences in a spirit of support and understanding.

Privacy and protection: remember to protect your privacy and not to disclose information that could put you or others at risk.

Your video post can be a powerful way to reach out to others going through similar experiences and show that they are not alone in their struggle with mental health difficulties. Become a voice for our community!

Tell it in words! Write us a message.

Do you prefer to express your experience in writing? You have several ways to share your story:

Filling in the form

You can use our online form, which also allows anonymous submission. When submitting, be sure to check the box to agree that we can use your story within our platform. The link to the GDPR rules informs you about the protection of your personal data.

Sending E-Mail

You can also send your experience directly to our email If you prefer a more personal approach or have a story that doesn’t fit the form, email is the ideal choice.

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Jan Potměšil

Few people can talk about acting and life as Jan Potměšil can. For him, roles are a living form. Initially just letters, a code, then they delve into[...]
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Tomáš Klus

Tomáš is someone who takes Havel's idea of "living in truth" seriously. He is glad he has learned to stop lying, as every lie creates a parallel world[...]
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