Jan Potměšil

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Few people can talk about acting and life as Jan Potměšil can. For him, roles are a living form. Initially just letters, a code, then they delve into deeper layers—and one is sometimes surprised by what they uncover. He strives to commit to the role in a way that makes it believable. However, when he takes off the costume, he wants to be himself again. According to him, being oneself, yet together with others, is precisely what the Mezi Ploty festival enables us to do.

Jan Potměšil, a renowned Czech actor, shares his impressions and profound thoughts about the Mezi Ploty festival in an interview. This interview draws you into the atmosphere of the festival, which is an oasis of peace, inspiration, and personal growth.

Jan expresses immense honor and joy at meeting and working with other artists at the Mezi Ploty festival. As the main protagonist and guest of the festival, he is thrilled by the opportunity to be part of this event, which offers not only entertainment but also a deep personal experience. The Mezi Ploty festival is a place where visitors can find peace, inspiration, and self-discovery. People from various places come here to enjoy the peaceful atmosphere, gain new insights, and participate in communal gatherings. Acting roles at the festival allow for intimate exploration of characters and personal reflection, which is a transformative experience for Jan.

Acting at the festival is a unique opportunity for Jan to tap into different energies and portray a wide range of characters, whether positive or negative. This process helps him unlock deeper sensitivities and perceptions, significantly impacting both himself and the audience.

Jan Potměšil also emphasizes the importance of sharing inspiration and messages from talented authors across time and mediums. Art has transformative power that can provoke, inspire, and meet individual needs. The Mezi Ploty festival provides a platform where participants can draw from these sources and find strength and calm.

The festival focuses on spiritual direction and personal growth, offering people a unique experience based on their needs, strengthening, and calming them. Emphasis is placed on the importance of communication, connection, and not giving up.

Jan also reflects on everyday challenges and their impact on our personal interactions. He emphasizes the importance of authenticity when navigating various roles and responsibilities. Openness and sharing personal experiences are key factors for personal growth, whether they involve difficult experiences or successes.

The Mezi Ploty festival creates a sense of unity and inspiration. Participants feel a connection and shared energy that the festival embodies. This festival provides a safe space for clients to heal and gain strength.

Festival Mezi foty is in my heart, says the man for whom acting has become a mission